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We Just Want the World

Thanks to an email, I found this song several months ago, and have just rediscovered it. Its by David Rovics and the words are fantastic. The tune is pretty cool too – I think on his site, you can listen to and legally download all of his songs for free. Its called ‘We Just Want the World’.

When we’re living in the White House
And debating on the hill
Of all your crazy antics
We’ll all have had our fill
We’ll be closing down munitions plants
And Old Glory will be furled
‘Cause we don’t want your big machines
We just want the world

And a bill will be proposed
Section number one
We’re shutting down the oil rigs
And turning towards the sun
The air will be clean
For all the boys and girls
‘Cause we don’t want your oil tankers
We just want the world

Face the executioner
Shut the logging camps all down
Get busy planting hemp
Leave the trees there in the ground
Life is so precious
On this little, spinning pearl
We don’t want your bulldozers
We just want the world

We’ll be closing down the jails
Fixing up the schools
Distributing those stocks and bonds
Changing all the rules
We’ll elect a CEO
Maybe a rabbit or a squirrel
‘Cause we don’t want your money
We just want the world

We’ll be swimming in the rivers
And running to the hills
Reading in the history books
Of wars and oil spills
If it’s linear we’ll bend it
If it’s a straight line it’ll curl
‘Cause we don’t want your dead-end highway
We just want the world

(Repeat first verse)

A lot on my Mind

I didn’t sleep much last night. I was thinking too much. And the most annoying thing, is most of what I was thinking about, I don’t feel able to talk anyone about. Well, I might bring it up with one person. But I can guess their response already, and it won’t particulary help. The difficult thing is that I don’t feel able tell the people that I usually share problems with. I suspect it will change too much, and not in a good way. People will treat me differently. I feel bad enough about it already – I know I shouldn’t really, but I do. Sorry for being vague.

I know I should be working, but…..

I got tagged by Wood:

Ten Years ago: I was nine and had just fallen off my bike and broken my front tooth in half (well, I did it in the September when I was 9). As a result I’ve had lots of problems with that tooth and loads of painful dentist appointments.

Five Years ago: I was 14, and at secondary school. Seem to remember it was quite a hard time in terms of friends, or rather lack of them.

One Year ago: I had started uni, was living in Hendre. This was before I had settled in Sketty Methodist, and was having difficulties knowing which church was right.

Five Yummy things: My Gran’s Cornish pasties (they’re the BEST EVER!), chocolate fudge cake with icecream, Fair Trade chocolate, my Mum’s strawberry pavlova and apples from unicorn.

Five songs I know by heart: Thats a tough one. I’ve always got a song going round in my head, but now I’ve been asked, I can’t think which songs I know by heart. Might get back to you on that one.

Five things I would do with a lot of Money: Have a once in lifetime trip to Kenya or somewhere similar, give more money to charities such as Christian Aid, visit my friends who live in other parts of the country, buy all the magazines I always want to read but currently can’t afford to buy and ensure I’d go to Greenbelt EVERY year.

Five places I would escape to: My bedroom, Worm’s head on the Gower, Cornwall, somewhere in Africa and my church at home.

Five things I would never wear: a very short mini skirt, anything with lots of fancy lace on it (it makes me shiver), anything made from animal fur, very high heals (i can’t walk in them) and one of my Gran’s dresses.

Five favourite TV shows: Neighbours (I’ve got back into recently, its really bad!), The Simpsons, The Good Life, umm, can’t think of anything else.

Five things I enjoy doing: Cycling, flying stunt kites, wearing rainbow colours, hiking, going to Greenbelt.

Favourite Toys: Smokey (who I’m currently dragon-sitting!), my stunt kites, my giant bubble making toy and my diablo.

Five people who get this ‘meme’: Tractor Girl, Jack, Burnt Sienna, Sophs and Carrie Bradshaw.

Too much excitement – even for me!

Since the adventurous bog pits of last weekend, my waterproof coat has been looking considerably dirtier. So I bought some special stuff, without detergant in, to wash it with. I put it in the machine this morning, after following the instructions carefully (and consulting a friend when the instructions were unclear). I came downstairs to make some lunch, about an hour ago, to discover there was foam POURING out of the washing machine! The inside of the machine was simply white with foam, and pouring out of the hole where the degerant usually goes, was similar white foam!!!!

I screamed ‘ARGH!!!! – BECKY!!!! HELP!!!!” She came down, wondering what on earth could be the problem, spotted the foam all over our kitchen floor, and we both just burst out laughing!!! We both spent the past hour taking photos*, laughing lots, cleaning up the kitchen (we can now see the floor!) rinsing the foam out of the waterproofs.

All this laughing and excitement is all well and good, but my coat is STILL DIRTY, I’ve had to waste more time cleaning it by hand with the same stuff, so my work isn’t getting done and I’ve still not have lunch!

*Taken with a digital camera, so I should be able to get them online for you to see!

Argh! – too much work!

In the past few days I have suddenly realised how much work I need to do in the next week or so. Its always like this towards the end of my placement, because theres always quite a lot of “not hard but time consuming” work to get done. Well, some of its harder than others. I have to write up a lot about my placement – all the short placements with other professionals, reflective accounts (which are very annoying) and several workbooks need filling in. I’m trying to find out all the demographic data while I’m on placement, for my community profile. And just after we get back into uni, I have to do a group presentation which is incredibly hard to organise whiles everyone is out on placement. Theres also a big pile of books in my room that need to be read (they’ve already been renewed several times!). Argh! Too much!

Its hard when you’re on placement, working a full day (most of the time) and then usually I’m out again in the evenings. I have been trying to work on stuff throughout the placement, but I’ve only just realised just how much I had to do. Luckily my health visitor said that tommorrow she’ll only be doing a couple of routine visits, so I could have the day off. I took this opportunity gratefully, explaining that I had a lot of work to do.

Anyway, I’d better stop spending so much time here and get on with some work.

The Peaks – mud, laughter and confusion

Wow – The peaks were AMAZING! I’m so glad i went! I would love to go into more detail about the weekend, but its gone midnight now, and I have to be in Neath by 9.15 tommorrow, so its going to have to be brief bullet points with the highlights:

* I never realised before how much fun, bog surfing in the rain is! (bog surfing is a term we made up for running down steep, peat bog slopes and then clambering up the other side!)

* If you do have a desire to go bog surfing, please remember the following advice:
– if there is water in the bottom of a bog pit, find out how deep it is, BEFORE you jump in and discover that the water comes up to your knee level (I sat in the muddy water laughing hysterically for several moments before realising the freezing water had seeped right through to my toes!)
– If its raining lots and you want to eat lunch, a bright orange shelter is a very good idea, except when you sit down and realise a stream of water is running through the inside of the shelter!

* I was impressed that after walking 10 miles, the following morning the only muscles that hurt were stomach ones – that I suspect were due to too much laughing (the ‘lets make Jen laugh game’, really wasn’t funny this morning!)

* I am amazed at how some people managed to make it round the whole walk with very little mud on their clothing at the end of it – my legs were completely plastered and my jacket had a fair amount on too – even my PJs, which I only wore in my sleeping bag in the barn, got mud on them!!!

* I got VERY excited whenever I knew where we were – I’m sorry if people got fed up of me saying – “OHHH!!! I know where we are – last time I was here, it was snowing!!!”

* I did have an amazing time – lots of laughing and loads of mud. The only down side to the weekend is that I am now very confused about a lot of stuff. ERG needs to calm down after the craziness of the weekend, and do lots of thinking.

Time is a great healer

I am generally feeling much better than I was. I’ve adjusted to an extent, and beginning to get used to the differences. There is still some stuff I need to sort, and I know the friendship we both hope to keep will need working on, but generally I’m feeling more comfortable with the whole situation. The Peaks this weekend will be the real test of my coping power. I know it won’t be the easiest of weekends, emotionally, but I feel strong enough to cope. And I’m determined to enjoy myself. 🙂 (and im going prepared with Green and Blacks chocolate, which will usually cheer me up, no matter whats happened!)

Although the title seems to imply the simple passing of time made things better, I don’t think that was the only helpful factor. I would like to thank EVERYONE who has given me hugs, emails, chats, massages, comments, Green and Blacks chocolate, a baby to play with or a shoulder to cry on, during the past week. It is very much appreciated.


It seems like ages since Jen has really been ERG, but tonight, when we finally got broadband properly set up, I showed my excitedness with a big ‘YAY!!!’ and jumped around lots!!!! THANK YOU GRANDAD!!!! and sorry if you kinda got slightly scared by 3 excited females! (Becky has recently discovered coffee – after one cup she’s seriously buzzing for over 24 hours! – I seem calm next to her!)

As for the Peaks, I signed up for it. Feeling slightly more positive about it. Although I am still aware that I do have the option of pulling out at the last minute. I will see how things go. My emotions are some what of a rollercoaster at the moment – one minute I think, “well – it could be ok, things aren’t too bad” and the next I’m wanting to hide in a corner and cry my eyes out. Anyway, I’m getting there…..sort of.

One of those days

Thank you everyone for your comments, its nice to feel supported in a virtual sense.

Today has been one of those days. Nothing majorly bad has happened, but its just all the little, annoying things have added up and made the day really stressful. Today i have:
* Had stomach cramps most of the day
* Had to cycle to work in the POURING rain
* We had a really bad visit this morning, where everything went wrong, and I was left just sat there, feeling really arkward
* It was wet and miserable when I was in the park eating food at lunch time
* Baby clinic this afternoon was a disaster:
– We were short of staff
– I felt sometimes like i was running the whole thing myself (as a student)
– the waiting area was overflowing with people wanting the flu vaccination (bird flu on the news has caused an influx of people) as well as masses of people for the baby clinic
– it seemed like EVERY SINGLE BABY decided to pee all over the scales – and guess who had to clean it up every single time?

This whole week is just crazy – I am trying to sort out my head about him, but I am so busy that I’ve hardly got time to think. And on top of that I hope to go to the Peak District this weekend, but im so confuzzled about everything, that I’m not even sure if I’ll make it.