Home sweet home. Sort of.

Well, its confusing, being a student away at uni – you have two homes. At the moment I feel that Swansea is more ‘home home’, but its still good to come back ‘home’ (to Manchester).

It does take time to adjust to the different way of life, when you come back to your parents home. Generally seems slower somehow. As a student I’m often rushing around constantly for some reason or another, whereas its nice to take things slower at home. Its hard, once you’ve lived your own life, without your parents, to come back and get used to living with them again. Getting used to my Dad’s comments (they are unique to him, impossible to describe) and Mum’s mumness (is that a word? oh, well, i think I’ve just made it one – like swip ;)!).

At church this morning it was strange. All the kids have grown up – one that I remember starting high school not long ago, is just entering the privileged ‘black jumper’ stage (basically year 10, the younger years have to wear BRIGHT red jumpers that everyone hates). Where does the time go? There were lots of old friends who I enjoyed seeing this morning. People who have seen me develop from a very shy toddler to a reasonably confident young adult. It seems weird that I’m only at home for one church service, throughout the whole of the summer. But at the same time I’m missing out on things at my church in Swansea, and wishing I was back there. I want to be able to split my body in half! (I felt similar feelings at greenbelt, though there it was more like quarters!)

I know its something that most students have to deal with, and I know i will. Its just strange.