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Yay!!!! I came down stairs at 9.30 this morning, half asleep after being up till 2am (playing games with my housemates plus extras), but woke up instantly with a rush of excitement when I realised my Greenbelt wristband had arrived!!!! It was cool, checking the wibsite and realising that other people have also been posting about GB – Jack’s wristband has also arrived, Jo posted considerably about Greenbelt and something tells me it won’t be long before Sarah and Micky get their wristbands through as well! WOW!!! I am SO excited! 😀
*WARNING* for all those camping with me or meeting me at Greenbelt – I will be incredibly high and excited.

Celebrating……but not really

I’m so happy – I’ve just handed in both my essays and my big annoying folder!!! Normally we have until after our placement and the holidays to get the work done, but because its the end of the year, it all had to be done much sooner. So it was a bit of a rush trying to do it all, especially my folder. I persuaded my mentor at 8pm last night – an hour after my 12 hour shift should have ended – that I had done everything I should have done and she should sign it all off. Many thanks to Matty for her great advice on that subject.

All my stress is gone now, and its great, except somehow I feel i can’t fully celebrate and relax because so many other people are still stressed and tense about lots of other problems – deadlines, men (whether wrong or right) and life generally. I suppose its good because I want to help these people, so now I don’t have lots to do (only work full time), I can support them. But I feel really bad when I rejoice at having finished it all, when there are all these other people who haven’t finished their work and have all these other stressors on the top. I try not to rub their noses in it, but at the same time i want to just go “yay! – I’m done!” I think I just have to support them through their stressy times, just as they supported me through mine (they have done in the past and I’m sure they will continue to do so).


Yay!!!! I have survived my first week of nights! Since I last posted i worked Wednesday night and Thursday night, and they have worked out better. I think my body got into the routine, with working two consecutive nights. I would sleep most of the mornings, get up at lunch time and have some breakfast, do neccessary jobs in the afternoon and go to work in the evening. Mostly during the night i was fairly awake, although I found that after my break, during which i slept, I was more tired than before it. I think once you’ve had some sleep, your body wants more. The breaks are supposed to be an hour long, but when you lie down on comfy seats in a dark room and go to sleep and do not set an alarm, it is very difficult to wake up after 1 hour. i kept on waking up much too late, but I don’t think they really minded because it was still really quiet and as a student I am supernumary. Last night it was quite good – i took my essay work with my and managed to get a fair bit done because it was so quiet.

Anyway, its back to day shifts now – my next one is on Sunday, and I need to get my essays all finished before then, because they are due in on Tuesday and I’m working Sunday and Monday. No rest for the wicked, hey!

My body clock is SO confuzzled!!!!

Yesterday I slept from 5am to 11am, then had 3 hours rest in bed (didn’t sleep lots) between 3pm and 6pm. i spent the evening socialising with a bottle of white wine, to celebrate Duracell’s graduation before I working on my essays until 3am. I was going to stay up later, and then sleep more during the day today – but i realised i couldn’t do all of my work due to lack of internet access, so i went to sleep at 3am, until 10.30am and now I have come to the library to use the internet. But tonight I’m working another night shift, and im feeling really tired already. I hope I have time this afternoon to lie down for an hour or two before work. My body clock is completely confuzzled – if it weren’t for the sun rising and setting I wouldn’t have a clue what time of day it is supposed to be. My meal times are all messed up as well – i’m just eating when i’m hungry – i’ve probably been eating more than normal, just to give me the energy to stay awake.

I survived my first night shift!

I did it – survived my first night shift. It was really, really quiet – we had about half the number of patients in comparision to last week. This meant it went quite slowly because there wasn’t lots to do, but it also meant they let me out 3 hours early! So I was in bed by 5am, and forced myself to get up at 11am to see Duracell after her graduation (WELL DONE!!!!!).

It was rather strange – in recent months i have stayed up the whole night on a couple of occasions, but for completely different reasons. Once for an Easter vigil and then again for the Trade Justice vigil in London. When I mentioned to a staff nurse that I had done several all-nighters recently, she asked if this for was work or social life. I declared it was social life, because it was more social than work (a lot of time during both nights was spent sat round drinking tea and chatting). But really it was spiritual life. How many students, when they stay up the whole night, have prayerful meditations every 2 hours? It felt strange to be staying up the whole night and having the night split up by checking observations and writing notes, instead of prayers. There was also much less of a community spirit amoung the nurses – I spent a lot of the night reading either research papers or magazines that I found on the ward. Whereas on the previous vigils I spent the whole night chatting to fellow vigilers (noticably Sarah, Jo, Richard and Mike.) I suppose they must have done it all many times before, so were used to occupying themselves, if it was quiet, whereas the other vigils were one-off, exciting events.

Anyway, I’m going to go home and get some more sleep, as tonight I plan to work on my assignments and then sleep during the day tomorrow before working tomorrow night.


I apolgise for not posting for ages, have been very busy with 12 hour shifts and visiting a friend in Aberystwth. I do not have internet access at home at the moment, so trying to find time around my shifts to do everything and get to the library which has rubbish opening times at the moment, is practically impossible.

My shifts are going alright – they are long, but i keep on being given more and more responsibility which is scary, but good – it makes the day go quicker. Tonight I’m doing my first ever night shift, which is kinda strange. I’m not sure how my body clock will adjust. I have Tuesday night off though, so I’m going to try to stay up and work on my assignments through the night, and sleep during the day, so that when I’m working Wednesday and Thursday nights i have some chance of being awake. Jack and any other wibloggers with experience of nights, do you have any tips??? Ohhh, and Jack, im sorry – the biscuits and chocolates at the nurses station are impossible to resist!

Last week I worked Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then caught a train with Sarah at 8.15 on Friday morning (which actually meant I got a lie in – an extra hour in bed!) to Carmarthern when we changed to a bus, which took us the rest of the way to Aberystwyth. As Sarah has already posted, we had a fabulous girlie weekend. Organic shopping, red kite watching, and strawberry picking – a great combination. And as Sarah mentioned, we certainly didn’t run out of things to talk about!

Anyway, really ought to go – on top of working nights this week, I have 2 assignments due in at the beginning of next week – GREAT!

Do the Right Things!

One of my birthday pressies was a book called ‘Do the Right Things: A practical guide to Ethical Living’. I’ve only read the first chapter, but its great! It gives loads of website address that are really useful when trying to live as ethically as possible. I have put some of them in my wiblinks on the left hand side – feel free to have an explore! This list will probably expand as i read more of the book.

Oh, and for those of you who are interested (Noah particularly requested it) here is the MPH article that I previously blogged about.

Almost a Page 3 Girl

Wow!!!! The press release we organised with the Evening Post about the Make Poverty History awareness making day has made it on the third page of the Evening Post – a local paper in Swansea!!!! Theres a big photo of YC with the MPH tape that we used and Sarah is quoted lots in the article!

Its strange. I’m feeling a variety of emotions about it. I’m happy and excited that it got in and it increases the whole awareness raising. I’m very pleased for my friends who got a mention either in a photo or mentioned in the article. But i can’t help thinking, but, what about me??? I did a lot of the organising (with Sarah) and I want my five minutes of fame. Is that really such a bad thought? I know i should just be happy that it got in, and i shouldn’t be selfish by wanting my picture in the paper, because we didn’t do it to get our pictures in the paper we did it to help all the dying children. But….. still, a mention would have been nice.

I suppose if I did get my photo on page 3, i would have got an awful lot of stick. The Evening Post isn’t The Sun, but still, not sure whether i would want my photo on page 3.

“I’m Jen; every day is a ‘WOW day’!!!”

Were my exact words when a friend commented that today seemed to be a ‘WOW day’! I have definately had a WOW weekend. Has been very busy, but extremely exciting and great fun!

It started on Friday night, at midnight when it became my birthday! My friends had hidden all my presents around our house and I had a midnight present hunt!!! When I found them all (at least, i hope i found them all!), I opened them and there seems to be a distinct rainbow theme running through nearly all of my presents! Thank you for everybody who kindly gave me cards and presents! My dad has a reputation for buying me unique presents – this year it arrived in the post as a long, thin, oddly shaped parcel, which had everyone guessing what it could be. It turned out to be a big bubble maker – which makes HUGE bubbles!!!! The handmade card that came with it was the funniest bit – it read ‘What does ERG do when theres no wind, no strawberries?……she becomes excited BUBBLE girl!!!’

On Saturday morning – after very little sleep – we headed into town, as we had organised a Make Poverty History awareness making day at a big church in the centre of Swansea. (We were determined to do something, as we couldn’t go to Edinburgh for numerous reasons.) We had made a HUGE MPH banner out of wall paper and black pernament pens, that we put up outside the church. i had some plastic MPH tape which we wrapped round all the trees in the grounds of the church and we handed out postcards to send to Tony to passerby and people enjoying the coffee morning in the church. It all went very well, we even managed to organise a press release for a local paper – thank you Richard for taking those photos. As my fellow campaigners will be able to tell you – I was incredible excited and bouncing around all over the place! The only annoying thing was that stood right next to us, almost competing with us were a group of evangelical street ranters. Grrr, its difficult to know what to do in those situations.

In the evening on Saturday we had a BBQ on the beach, which was great fun. it was a bit cold and windy, which on the negative side meant that we ended up eating an awful lot of sand, but on the positive it meant that we could fly my rainbow kite!!!

On Sunday morning we had a brilliant service. We have recently set up a music group, which I sing and play a drum in. We’re still finding our feet a bit, but yesterday it worked really well, if i may say so myself. We sang before the service (supposedly as people were coming in, but everyone arrived too early!), we did two songs during the service and we did also sang during the communion. We received lots of positive feedback, so hopefully we can keep it up! After the service we also deocrated the church with MPH stuff that we had left over from Saturday.

Sunday afternoon we headed beach-ward again and spent a fun afternoon building sandcastles, paddling in the sea, eating icecreams and bodyboarding. I hadn’t been bodyboarding for a year or so and I had forgotten the excitment! I could feel the adrenaline pumping round my blood as a big wave crept up behind me! Unfortunately I do not own a wet suit, so it wasn’t too long before my legs went numb, which isn’t ideal when they have to be used lots to fight against the currents, so I came in and warmed up!

Then I collapsed.