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Everybody is Unique

My uniqueness is, as you have probably gathered already, I get excited very easily. This morning it was plastic bags.

I had a huge bag of plastic bags which i have collected over the past year, and I decided this morning that it needed sorting out (my local Tescos recycles plastic bags, so the ones that I won’t use can go there). There were several bags from shops that I don’t regularly purchase items from, so I was able to remember what I had bought. So it was like I was going back in time throughout the past year – and it got me all excited, remembering different events. But the bag that really raised my excitedness levels was a Christian Aid bag that was from Greenbelt last year!!!!! WOW!! It was so cool!!!! So many memories.

I think generally a number of forthcoming events has generally increased my excitedness – I’m not sure whether I would normally get so excited by a few plastic bags.
* YC is coming back today!!!!!
* In two days I will offically be a year older!
* I don’t have any more shifts until next Wednesday!
* Despite being unable to go to Edinburgh, we are organising something local for MPH!!!

Oh, BTW, I really don’t know how my blog turned into a discussion zone about stool problems – I get enough of that at work!

Dizziness Update

I managed to get through two 12 hours shifts without feeling dizzy (well, not too much, anyway)!!! Except when I finished the second one, i think my body just collapsed and I had a bad dizzy spell then. I walked to uni in the hope of finding somewhere open where I could buy some chocolate to boost my energy levels (after already discovering the vending machines in the hospital were empty). But it was 7.30pm on a non-term time day and there was nowhere open. Except for the refrectory, which was open for conference use only. So I went up to the catering staff there, and asked if they had any chocolate they could sell me. They were reluctant to do so, as i wasn’t part of the conference, but they took pity on me and said they would. One of the staff went off to see what they had available and came back stating she was incredible sorry, but she only had fair trade stuff!!!! I couldn’t believe this comment! i exclaimed ‘Thats perfect – I’d prefer it!’.

So after a Geobar, a glass of apple juice (chaplaincy fridges are wonderful!) and a rest in a comfy seat (chaplaincy lounges are great as well!), I felt much better and walked the rest of the way home. I went back to the doctors today to get my blood results. My iron levels are low, but not too bad. Its probably a mixture between that and over-tiredness that has caused them. Though in the past week, generally, they have been better – less frequent. The iron tablets i’ve been given should sort it all out. i’ll be fine 🙂

The End of an Era

Its now 10.15 on Thursday night. I've just finished packing everything – I'm moving house tomorrow. It feels really strange – moving out of the village. I've eaten the last thing in the fridge, packed the last item of clothing (realised I have too many clothes), said final farewells to the flatmate I am closest to, used up the last of my internet money (hence not being able to post this till a later date) and tonight will be the last night in my bed. It all feels very final. I'm looking forward to moving into my new house, because its with my friends, but I will miss the village. My relations with my flatmates have improved slightly over the past week or so, which is good – departing on a good note. We've been talking more, about memories of the past year, and today they even gave me a birthday present, which I was pleasantly surprised at.

The amount of stuff I have is quite astonishing, when its all piled up in boxes and bags in my room it seems loads and loads. Why do I need all this stuff??? When I travelled down in September I just had one car full, but since then I've acquired so much more and looking at it in my room now, I doubt if we'll fit it in one car. I dread to think how much clutter I will have acquired after another two years at university.

I have now moved in – YAY!!! And amazingly we managed to fit it all in one car! I unpacked everything yesterday and made my new room mine – we had great fun moving the wardrobe around the room!

Thanks for all the supportive comments about my dizziness. Since I last posted it has improved, but still hasn’t completely gone. The dizzy spells are less frequent. I hadn’t had one for a couple of days, and then i was in town today, when I went all dizzy (not very good when there are lots of people and cars about). I’m feeling happier about doing a twelve hour shift now, because they seem to be improving …. fingers crossed. Will keep you informed.

Packing and dizziness really don’t go together very well

The past week I’ve been getting these funny dizzy spells. They vary in severity – sometimes its just ‘ohhh’ when i stand up, and other times I need to hold onto something to be able to walk. I’ve been to the doctors about it, and hopefully it’ll get sorted out. But this morning i was packing my stuff (YAY! – moving on Friday!!!!) and it really wasn’t helping the dizziness. Having to get posters off the walls and stuff from under my bed was spinning my head round so much. When you’re feeling dizzy, its really not a good idea to be standing on a spongy bed. I’m ok at the moment – it kind of comes and goes. I really hope it goes for good before I start my 12 hour shifts on the wards next week. Ummmm, not good.

There’s a bird in my kitchen, dear blogger, dear blogger

I woke up this morning, stumbled into the kitchen for some breakfast, and there was a baby bird flapping about, trying to fly through the closed windows! Ummm, a bit of a shock, really. I don’t know how it managed to get in because all the windows were shut, unless a flatmate had closed them earlier and failed to notice the bird. A friend who lives on campus has had 10 pigeons fly into her room since September! So I sent her a text asking for any tips on how to get them out. Myself and a flatmate together managed to, eventually direct the poor little bird out of the window. We used a spatula to guide it in the right direction (that does sound a bit dodgy – don’t need to call out the RSPCA, we didn’t harm it).

It was really cute though, it was only about an inch and a half tall. When it was sat on the polished window sill at one point, it kept on skidding around! Awwwww! Its rare you get to see a bird that small, so close up. It made me thank the big guy upstairs for all the tiny creatures in the world. Its so easy to take these beautiful things for granted.

Exciting and not-so-exciting events

The past few days have been CRAZY! There have been a number of very exciting events occur and also a number of not-so-exciting events. Here's a summary of both:

I went to a club in Swansea the other night with friends, but it wasn't so good as I went incredibly dizzy. The world was literately spinning round and round, so we came home early.

YC is going home on Sunday 🙁

We had a flat inspection this morning so I was cleaning the flat until 11.30 last night.

Duracell got a 2:1 in her degree!!!!!!! WOW!!!! WELL DONE GIRL!!!!!

I've spent lots of time with YC – very good!

The end of term chaplaincy meal was brilliant – it was good to see everyone again, as people are beginning to disperse.

We passed the flat inspection (I should hope so too – its spotless!)

I went paddling in the sea this afternoon – very cool (literately – the water was cold!)

A CD I had ordered over the net came the other day (The Bridgerow SessionsSteve Knightley and Martyn Joseph) and its very good. They have taught each other their songs and performed different versions of them together (even merging songs together in a couple of instances).

I accompanied Ramblin' Folkie on her project work today – she was getting excited about all the plants – it was funny!

Last night I went to see Mr and Mr Smith and it was very funny. Its kind of a mixture between James Bond and a romantic comedy. Very good.

I move out of my flat a week today!!!!! YAY!!!!!

I've just realised that there are a lot more exciting things than not-so-exciting things. That's good. Probably representative of my general outlook on life.

Childhood Adventures of ERG…..or maybe not ANSWERS

As promised I am revealing the answers to the bit of fun I had last week. Tractor Girl did surprising well, considering that she only knows me through the wibsite, she did well to get 5/8. Duracell also did well with 6/8.

1. False – I did not climb Ben Nevis when I was 11. A friend did, as a family reunion – this was happening on the same day that the rest of our school were doing a sponsored walk. So we got to walk 25 times round the school field and she climbed Ben Nevis, and got sponsored for it!

2. True – Yes, I did spend a lot of time on my 5th birthday crying. I was upset because I blew out the candles on my cake too early. When you’re five, big things matter, ok?

3. True – Yes I was bullied for being a lesbian, even though I’m not. It was in primary school. There was one girl in the class who i spent most of my time with, and all the boys thought we must be lesbians. At the time I was an naive child who didn’t understand what a lesbian was, so at the time it never bothered me (though its never nice being socially excluded). When i did find out what a lesbian was, it still didn’t bother me because I couldn’t see anything wrong with homosexuality.

4. False – No that was my sister who was climbing over a spiked fence and one of the spikes ended up in her stomach….ouch! It was ok, she had enough fat there to not cause any major damage 😉 – sisterly love!

5. Fasle – It was my Dad who was pushing the wheelchair in that occasion. Thankfully he had quick enough reactions, so my elderly relative didn’t end up in the bottom of the lake! It has to be said – it is pretty funny!

6. True – I couldn’t tell the difference between my left and my right feet at the age of 18. It was at Greenbelt last year. I got confused when putting on wellies as to which foot was which, in terms of the wellies. So much so that this quote is embarassingly me.

7. False – It was a friend who got a black eye for being in a mixed-race relationship. Tut, the world we live in, hey.

8. True – Yep, when I was 10, I fell off my bike and smashed up my front tooth completely. Consequently I had years and years of dental treatment. Mmmm, not good.

9. False – It was my mum who managed to sprain her ankle on a north Cornish coastal path.

10. True – I didn’t speak a word until the last day of playgroup, after attending for a whole year. Nobody who knows me now would ever think so, but I was incredibly shy when I was little.

11. True – Never play eye-spy with my Dad. Its practically impossible when he uses all the latin names for everything. I think its cheating.

12. True – When I was a baby and living in Swansea, we had a very heavy snow fall, and my parents couldn’t get the pram out of the door. My Dad and my sister were able to climb out over the snow, but my mum and I were snowed in. Rather exciting really, except I can’t remember any of it.

13. False – No, I’m far too excitable to suffer from depression.

14. False – It was a friend who had the unfortunate experience of swinging on a swing rope when it snapped. SPLAT! OUCH!

15. True – I did almost get knocked out by a table tennis table at my church. We were playing with a parachute, as you do at church, and the safety catch wasn’t on the table tennis table that was stored at the side of the room. Ow.

16. False – It was a friend who got pushed into a lake by some random boys, from the pedaloo we were both sat in. Boys can be annoying sometimes.

So there you go, now you know.

*Diving Update*


I have just finished a lecture entitled “Introduction to Spirituality”. It was a discussion orginated lecture looking at the best and the worst factors of spirituality and how it relates to nursing. It was very interesting listening to a largely secular group discuss spirituality. Previous discussions that I have participated in on this subject have been with Christian or people of other religions (Muslims and Hindus).

One person in the group stated that “religion could be the worst aspect of spirituality as it controls the weak”. In my church I have never found religion to be controlling of the weak, I have always thought that religion supports the weak, and Jesus took pity on the weak and provided for them. But i can see what this person means. In certain fundamentalist sectors religion is thrust upon people and it can be very controlling. It can be easy for a vulnerable person to enter into all sorts of spirituality and religions. Personally, I have never found my religion controlling, in a sufficating sense – my beliefs are a personal decision. My religion helps to mould those beliefs, but it doesn’t have absolute control of them. Whereas in evangelical sectors of Christianity, where you sign up to specific doctorines, I can see that it is more controlling.

Another interesting issue that came out of this discussion was whether or not bibles should be bedside hospital beds. According to the BBC they have been re-issued at the bedside, after a recent dispute. The groups thoughts on this were mixed, some Christians present were declaring that they should remain, whereas others stated they shouldn’t be due to discrimatory reasons towards people of other faiths. Someone suggested there could be a place on the wards with magazines, bibles, Qu'rans, etc for people to access if they wanted to. I don’t know how that sort of set up would affect the spread of infections like MRSA. My opinions on this issue are mixed. I do think that when people are in hospital, it is often the time when they turn to religion, and it is important to provide for individual’s spiritual needs. But i can see how it could be affending towards Muslims and other faiths. I have always thought the a gideons bible in cupboard was a good way to evangelise as it is not controlling or threatening – its the patient’s choice to pick up and read that bible and to think what they like about it, in their own space and time.

Any thoughts fellow bloggers?

Oh!!! WOW!!! What a great day!

I've just come back from the Gower Folk Festival. It was great! All of the artists have kind of merged into one, but the groups that stand out in my memory include Crosscurrent, a group of students studying for a degree in folk and traditional music (WOW!), who were very good. And Spiers & Boden, who did a brilliant final slot. Unfortunately the day was twinged with sadness because Old Rope String Band were supposed to be the main folkies, but one of their members (Jo) had died only a few days before. At the end several artists from the day joined together and sang a few songs for him.

On a slightly more cheerful note, there was a ceilidh in the afternoon, which was great! Its amazing how quickly and easily you can talk to complete strangers when dancing in a ceilidh with them. It was funny because the room they were using was quite small and it had a fair amount of people squashed in, so all the usual ‘personal space barriers' just vanished completely. It was good fun, especially when everyone got the dances very wrong – you just end up in stitches!

In the shop at the Gower Heritage Centre, where it was held, I found a very cool placard with this poem written on it:

Smiling is infectious
You catch it like the flu
When someone smiled at me today,
I started smiling too.

I went around the corner,
And someone saw my grin,
When he smiled I realised,
I'd passed it on to him.

I thought about my smile and then,
I realised its worth,
A single smile like mine could travel,
Right around the earth.

If you feel a smile begin,
Don't leave it undetected,
Let's start an epidemic quick,
And get the world infected.

I thought that was great, so I bought the placard and now have it up in my bedroom – YAY!!!

*Diving Update*
Although I've still not officially started swimming yet, I am feeling more confident in the water. Lets just say that the lifeguard is showing an interest in my swimming ability, so I am feeling more at ease in the pool.

Determination in the face of loneliness

Last night I was feeling very fed up. My friends were all in Snowdon, probably having a brilliant time, and I was stuck in Swansea, revising. I was fed up with working and was incredibly bored and lonely. But I woke up this morning, determined that I was going to make the most of the day. I didn’t have any lectures, so I lay in bed planning the best way to get my work done. After considerable thought, Cylne Gardens (as mentioned in a previous post) seemed the best option.

So i jumped out of bed and packed up everything i would need (notes, paper, sun tan lotion, food, etc) and cycled down to Cylne. I found a perfect spot to sit, with an amazing view across the gardens and Swansea bay, and it was half sunny, half shady. I got loads of work done, with beautiful surroundings. I wasn’t lonely anymore – i had lots of conversations with insects, birds, bees and, of course, the big guy upstairs (there weren’t many other people nearby, to think I was completely mad).

All in all it was a very good day. I finished it off nicely with a walk around the gardens (to check that ‘fish’, the duckling, was ok) and an icecream on the sea front. And my friends get back tonight – YAY!!!!