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A cultured and not-so-cultured day

Like Tractor girl, I had a sort of cultured bank holiday. Spent the afternoon lying on grass with friends, listening to a brass band in Clyne Gardens. The weather was good – lots of sun and blue sky, and it was very relaxing lying on the grass listening to the music. The cultured bit of the day was very good, though the uncultured walk there was more fun. We walked through the Clyne woods and had lots of fun walking along rooftop-like rocks (literally a drop of 10-15m one side and at least 5m the other side, with just enough room for your feet in between!), climbing up the inside of a random stone tower and being scratched by brambles. It was great! Very good combination of cultured and not-so-cultured activities, with brilliant company.

Oh, hello and welcome to any Manley Parkers who have found me, I hear my Dad has been spreading the word about my blog.


I can't believe it. I actually did the dive. I had the option of stepping in down the steps or jumping in and I jumped in. A friend who was at the waters edge with me, stated that she wouldn't be brave enough. I am very surprised that I was brave enough. The annoying thing is that I've got to wait at least a week to find out if I sink or swim. Ummm, if I sink, I hope there's a lifeguard nearby to save me. The adrenaline rush when diving in a swimming pool usually makes the jump worth it, unless of course you do it in a dangerous place and end up getting hurt. Grrr, I'm just going to have to be patient.

Grrrr, car drivers can be so disrespectful of cyclists

I've just cycled up the hill from uni in the dark. I had a debate whether it would be safer to go through the park or up the road. I decided on the road because although I've survived worse situations than Singleton park at 11pm (I grew up in central Manchester), the road is much better lit and practically empty. Most of the way up I was ok, but suddenly, for no obvious reason a car tooted his horn 3 or 4 times at me. This completely scared me – I practically jumped out of my bike seat. I turned my head to see what all the fuss was about, couldn't see any reason for the driver to react in that way (though my instincts said it was a some sort of sick practical joke for a vulnerable cyclist). When I turned my head back to face forward, my bike was heading straight for the pavement – I luckily reacted quick enough to avoid this obstacle. I doubt if the car driver would find amusement in this ‘joke' if I had crashed into the pavement and he found me under his wheel. Grrrrrr, car drivers annoy me so much sometimes.

We watched ‘The Incredibles' tonight, and afterwards we were discussing what super power we would choose, if given the opportunity. This isn't something I've given particular thought to (unlike some, I was never into comic books), but after cycling home I have decided. Its not exactly ‘super', but if I had the power to do so, I would make it compulsory for all drivers to have substantial experience of cycling on roads, before they could pass their driving licence. It would probably considerably reduce the numbers of cars on the roads.

Oh, BTW, do any bicycle doctors out there know the best way to sharpen up the quality of brakes? Living in Swansea you have to use brakes a lot more than in Manchester, and the front brake isn't quite as sharp as I would like it to be.

OHHH WOW!!!!! Me v.happy!!!!!! :)

OHHHH!!! WOW!!!!!!! I am SO excited, happy and relieved, all at the same time! Just had some very good news. I don't feel able to share the context with the whole wibsite world, but the main thing is that I am very happy. The past few days haven't exactly been easy, but they are over and all is good (well, just about).

I would like to take this opportunity to remember and pray for everybody in the world whose lives aren't as happy as mine at the moment. In particular V&G, Dav, Mrs S and all those suffering from extreme poverty.

Yay!!! I’ve been tagged!

Yay!!! I’ve been tagged.

1. Total number of movies I own on DVD/video
6, all on DVD. I’ve only had a DVD player since Christmas and only buy DVDs when they are going cheap.
Chocolat – very good
The Day After Tomorrow – see this
Bridget Jones Diary (the first one) – very good, especially when you’re annoyed at the male population
Nine Months – very funny
Meet the Parents – good, I watched it at the weekend
Meet the Fockers – (in a box set with Meet the Parents) haven’t had time to watch it yet, and didn’t get chance to see it at the cinema. i’m sure I’ll find time soon.

2. Last movie I bought
The Meet the Parents/Fockers box set

3. Last movie I watched
The Interpreter, in the cinema. Meet the Parents on DVD

4. Five movies that mean a lot to me
Love Actually – I always see something different in it each time i see it and the soundtrack is brilliant

Shrek 2 – Its easy to identify with Shrek as he tries to fit in a world completely different to him and his previous way of life. And it extremely funny – another one of those ones where you always spot more jokes no matter how much you watch it

The Day After Tomorrow – As I’ve said previously, its brilliant.

Notting Hill – memories of teenage brithday sleepovers and always one of my favourite romantic comedies

ok, now I’m struggling. ummmm
Oliver – brings back memories of primary school (no my school wasn’t an orphanage), we put it on as a show in year 6. Its the only time I’ve ever seen my friends using hair spray to make their hair stay messy!!!!

5. Tag 3 other people.
Bimbling Along, Richard and Never Conforming. I apologise if these people have already been tagged.


I was never any good at diving. When I had to do it in swimming lessons, when I was younger I never had the guts. I'd stand on the edge and look down at the deep water and never be able to do it, especially when the teacher expected us to simply walk off the edge, into the water. I could dive in when I was sat on the edge of the pool, but if I was stood up, my stomach would sink to the bottom of the pool. I'm like that with a lot of jumping situations. When I was little I was scared of jumping off my bed. I'm over that fear now, but still don't like heights when I have to jump. I also go funny when flying – my stomach stays on the ground! (well that's what it feels like).

At the moment I feel I as though I'm stood at the edge of a swimming pool, contemplating diving, but I suspect I will end up stepping in slowly and gently, down the steps. There are advantages and disadvantages of both ways in, and its perfectly possible the lifeguard will refuse me go in the pool at all.

Reactions to Biology revision

I have spent some of today trying to do some revision (grrr), and whilst reading my biology notes a couple of interesting phrases stimulated deeper emotions.

1. “the human body can be thought of as a large colony of cells”.
NOOOOO!!! We are SO much more than that. We have emotions, spirituality and are able to socialise with one another. It kinda got me annoyed, yes we are techiquely just a colony of cells, but God created us with so much more. We cannot treat each other as if we are just a big collection of cells.

2. “Some cardiac muslce cells are self-excitable”
WOW!!! Self excitable cells!!! I think I must have a body full of self-excitable cells, not just a few in my heart!!!! 🙂 Cool – a biological explanation for my over-excitedness!!! hehehehe!

Oh, the joys of university student accommodation!

I came back from an evening out, to be greated by a ‘HIYA, WE'RE JUST HAVING A LITTLE HOUSE PARTY, YOU HAD A GOOD NIGHT?' from a very drunk flatmate. I replied, ‘yeah, it was very good' (with emphaise on the ‘was’). At the moment they are running around the block, shouting about toast that has been burnt and about setting off the fire alarms. They'd better not set them off, I've only got shortie pyjamas on. At present I'm not even attempting to go to sleep, I'll never be able to with their racket. I can't wait till I move out in 4-5 weeks. Grrrrrr. Sorry about the ranting (this blog is very useful for expressing emotions, whether it be excitement or anger).

I gave blood today. It was very strange being a patient of sorts, having experienced ‘the other side': being the nurse. At one point the nurse was obviously concerned about the way my body was reacting to the loss of blood – she was trying to cover it up with a friendly front, but I could tell, after doing it myself. She called the sister over and they stopped the blood and insisted on turning me to my side and taking away the comfy pillow (I felt fine, but they didn't seem to quite believe this). I understood the medical reasons behind their actions, but it was very annoying when you know they aren't telling you what is wrong with your body. When I am in the nurses position, I probably act in a similar, so that the patient does not become more anxious, which might make them worse. But when you know there is something not right (from the nurses' body language and actions) it makes you anxious wondering what it could be. It is important, I think, for nurses to experience being patients, so they can display a certain degree of empathy with patients.

Ohhh, flatmates seem to have quietened down for the moment. Going to go and try to get some sleep.