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Ahhh, good old musicals

Just come back from a show/concert thing. Before I went I didn’t have a clue what to expect, all I was told was that a friend from church was singing in it. It turned out to be really good. They did loads of songs from musicals through the decades, from the ’20s to the ’90’s. All the costumes were amazing (the 60’s ones were hilarious!) and all the singers also danced throughout the whole show. And they even had men dressed up as women (though it has to be said that Richard was funnier when he played the photographer!) I was also impressed with the amount of young performers, considering they call themselves an ‘Operatic Society’ there were a lot of teenagers and people in their twenties taking part. My friend from church who was in it sang several solos and did them all amazingly. Overall it was a very good night.

Off to York in the morning with my parents and grandparents to visit my sister. Its my mum’s and my sister’s birthdays this week, so we are going out for a posh meal to celebrate both of them. So should be good.

New glasses ….. that i can’t see out of! (maybe slight exaggeration)

I went down to the opticians this afternoon to pick up my new glasses. I tried them on, and they seemed fine, so i told the lady that i would be fine wearing them straight away. So i walked out of the shop, miss judged the step and went flying!!! My eyes hadn’t properly adjusted to them yet, so i couldn’t judge correctly what the pavement in front of me was doing – whether it was going up or down. It was very strange. Also, these glasses have smaller frames than my old ones, so when i look down, i can’t see, unless i move my head. They are taking a while to get used to. I felt slightly vulnerable crossing the road with these new glasses, because the particular crossing it a ‘take you life in your own hands’ one for pedestrians, but they are currently improving it. So there are road works everywhere, which will eventually improve the crossing for pedestrians, but temporally makes it worse. So with not really being able to see, and judge distances properly due to the new glasses and the bad crossing and the road works, I’m suprised I made it across the road in one piece.

Then I walked down the road to Unicorn, a brilliant, organic, vegan grocery which also sells lots of Fair Trade stuff as well, to get some apples. Most of the assistants are quite hippyish and probably wouldn’t use a car on a regular basis. But the ironic thing is that it has been open now for nearly 10 years, but its buisness has boomed in the past year or two, since they built a car park. Just typical of modern, Western society.

Ohh, BTW, I have now been wearing my glasses for several hours, and I have adjusted to them properly, so my life will not be in any more danger than usual, when crossing roads.


I’ve been to Liverpool today!!!! I went on a random trip, to see a friend who is at uni there. She had the coolest thing in her room – 7 little square cushions, one for every colour of the rainbow!!!! WOW!!! I got so excited by them, that my friend offered to make me some in the summer!!! Her little sister had made them for her – how cool is that!

In the afternoon we went to a park and there was a big lake there with loads of amazing widlife in it, like turtles, ducks and swans!!!! The little turtles were so cute! My friend is doing zoology, so we sat on the grass beside the pond and she told me why all the wildlife were behaving like they were – mostly either flirting or fighting. Generally, its been a good day. Still, I can’t wait till I get back to Swansea.

I think ive sorted the link problems, but can’t think of anything to link to which is mildly related to this blog, to test it out. OHHHHH Just had a brainwave. I mentioned ducks in this blog, i have some crazy friends who set up a duck density website which puts unis in league tables depending on the density of ducks on campus. I recommend you check it out, its very funny.
Grrr, still didn’t work. Sorry, you will have to use the link on the left hand side to check it out.

I know one of the founders of SCM!!!!! – WOW!!!

Today at church I was talking to a lady who has been very kind to me in recent years and her and her husband aren’t are well as they once were. I was saying a bit about my involvment with the chaplaincy at Swansea uni, and she said when she was my aged she was asked to join SCM (Student Christian Movement), but at this moment in time it only had 3 other members!!! She joined it and became part of the committee and had the job of expanding their membership. She wrote to all the first year students in a Methodist college, 19 in total. Only one person replied and joined SCM, all the rest joined the Methsoc (which was very big in those days), and she is now married to this person. I was excited to hear this news, because when I went to the SCM conference in Febuary, there were loads of people there. Its amazing to think it started off with just these 4 people. As you can imagine, I was keen to express my excitedness, but had to suppress it (its a bit like anger, really) because the churches AGM was starting – At which I managed to get my self elected on the church council as a congregational rep, dispite living in Swansea 80% of the year!! They did jokingly offer to contact my lecturers and pay travel expenses, so I could come to the meetings!

The actual service went well, several people commented that the bit I did at the beginning was good, which I was amazed at because we only practiced it once, about five minutes before we did it! I proudly wore my new Make Poverty History tshirt and consequently was asked to help run a Make Poverty History stall next Sunday in a local park at an International Festival.

I hope the links I have put in have worked. My sister (who is a computer geek) told me how to do it, so I’ll blame her if they don’t work. But will be very excited and happy if they do!
Grrrr, they didn’t work, had to delete them. Will get back to my so called ‘clever’ sister and find out what the problem was.

Anger – better suppressed or expressed?

Just come back from the cinema and randomly started thinking back to a situation I found myself in last December. I feel as though I need to share it with someone, but everyone else in this house is asleep.

I was coming towards the end of my hospital placement in a children’s ward, when my 92 year old Gran died. I took time off work to go to the funeral, but other than that continued working. For some time none of the other staff on the ward knew about my recent bereavement. During this time a couple of comments were made which i found very upsetting, as if someone had stabbed me. Another student on the ward was keen to see a post mortem (my Gran was at this time having a post mortem, in another part of the country) and kept ringing up the department, but no one required one in this hospital at this time. The student said in frustration ‘ohhh, I wish someone would hurry up and die’. On another occasion a staff nurse said ‘wait till some old codger has popped his socks’.

Both times I felt incredibly hurt. I felt like replying ‘would you mind being a little more sensitive, my Gran was an old codger who popped her socks last weekend, but I still loved her’. I didn’t trust myself to do this calmly and without bursting into tears and recking up any relationships I had with the staff. So both times, I simply left the room.

Looking back I really don’t know if I did the right thing. I know the staff were not aware of my personal situation, but I still think they should have shown more consideration, to their colleagues and to all the ‘old codgers’ out there.

Life in Manchester never changes

It is strange being at my home in Manchester, instead of my home in Swansea (I am lucky, having two homes). Some things I’m just slipping right back into, and its funny, remembering how things used to be. For example this Sunday, my first Sunday back at my home church and I am helping to organise an all age worship in the morning and in the evening I have a part in a play, which is going to happen instead of a sermon in a circuit service. Its funny, in the morning I have to walk in at the beginning of the service, with a map and a compass and pretend to be lost – which is quite easy for me as I often am. But it’ll be funny because most people in the congregation won’t have seen me for several months and probably won’t know I’m expected there, until I walk in at the beginning of the service (me being lost is somehow the call to worship!). Its just strange, its like I’ve never been away.

Emotions as well, are just the same. Things that I feel when I’m at home, then I forget about them when I’m at uni, but still come back just the same as before. Like the trams – I HATE being under the tram line in the subway when there is a tram moving above me – it sounds like the sky is falling in. Coming back from town today it was horrible because there were loads of people in my way, so I couldn’t run (like I usually do) to get away from the moving tram above me. I felt exactly the same fear.

Its also funny, seeing my parents reaction to this blog. My Mum really doesn’t understand it at all, but my Dad gets it completely. After they came to pick me up from the train station, we were driving up to my parents house and I suddenly noticed the cherry tree (I think its a cherry tree, but it never produces any cherrys, so maybe not) was in full bloom. I exclaimed “OHHHHH WOW! The tree’s in full bloom”. My Dad groaned and said ‘excited rainbows’. My Mum was completely confused at this point, and asked for an explanation. My Dad provided one, by explaining that these were little girls who ran around and hadn’t grown up into Brownies yet. I was in the back seat just laughing. I miss all of my dads little funny comments. But when I am around my Dad its like nothing has changed – we can still make each other laugh in the same way as before.

There are things that have changed – like the tram fare has gone up – but the way that I slip so easily back into Mancunian life, its almost as if time stands still when I’m away.

The randomness of Mancunian Pigeons

I was in the centre of Manchester today, meeting up with old friends (which was very good) and the pigeons were behaving very strangely. In the middle of Piccadilly Gardens there was a group of about 50 – 100 pigeons squashed in a space about 2 metres by 2 metres, just sat there. There were no other pigeons in the whole area, apart from this. Seemed to be rather strange. Then later on in the day, I saw the same thing in Chorlton, except this time they were all eating.

The child in me thought wildly that they might be having some sort of vigil in protest for pigeons in other parts of the world who are suffering from poverty related causes! But the adult in me decided there must be a physical need for them to be behaving in this way, for example to keep warm or for food. But I’ve never seen pigeons behave like that in Swansea or London – they are usually scattered around more. Did anyone else notice any strange pigeon behaviour today in any other parts of the world – maybe they were having a Global Week of Action (as you can tell, I am more like a child than a rational adult!)

I …. need ….. sleep …….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Trade Justice vigil was brilliant! Christian Aid were expecting about 4000 people and over 25,000 turned up!!!!! How cool is that!!!! I have to admit, this news did get me just a little excited! I was really amazed at the number of people I knew there, for example a girl about my age approached me about about 3.30a.m and said ‘I know you, how do I know you’. I replied that I also knew her, but did not know where from. It was really weird. We eventually figured out that we had gone to the same sixth form college and had both been involved with the chaplaincy there, but she was a year older. I knew people from my church at home, Swansea chaplaincy, weekends I’ve been on and my sisters friends. Very cool.

There were loads of creative banners (we had a homemade Make Poverty History one that was very good at keeping me warm in the early hours of the morning!), my favourite that I saw said on it: “I maybe a Mad Left Queer, but I’m Right” !!!! I thought that was great!

The march was amazing – you wouldn’t have thought that 25,000 people who hadn’t had any sleep could make so much noise and have so much energy. The whole event got me buzzing – I was still high from it at 11 O clock on Saturday night! (eventually crashed into bed at midnight)

This afternoon I caught a train northward to go home to Manchester (well parent’s home – Swansea is my home now!!) for a couple of weeks. For the first hour I enjoyed the lovely peaceful, empty train ride. I had got my laptop out and was planning to have a nap after using it for an hour or so. Then the train driver announced that the Millenium Stadium had just emptied after the FA cup semi – Manchester United against Newcastle and there would be a lot of fans getting on board. I promtly put my laptop away as thousands of fans squeezed on board, and I spent the rest of the journey hating Manchester United fans. Many of them were treating the train like a pub – drinking, smoking and being very loud. I realise that not all of the fans were behaving in this way, and I shouldn’t make generalisations, but I had had 10 hours sleep in the previous 60 hours, and was not in the mood for torrelating a crowded train full of drunk football fans. I the next 4 hours gazing out of the window, with my music up loud, wishing I was sat on the top of one of the hills I could see in the distance, with no one around for miles and miles. But I wasn’t.

I wonder what percentage of the world’s poverty would be sorted out if Manchester United gave all its money to the world’s poorest?


I'm off to London tomorrow for the Trade Justice vigil!!! Yay!!! I'm kinda excited about it! I've just got all my stuff ready for it and its made me really excited!!!! I finish my placement tomorrow and then going straight to London for the vigil. Are any fellow wibloggers gonna be there too? If you see an excited, 18 year old with a rainbow trade justice scarf (I know, WOW!!!) its probably me – feel free to introduce yourself!

The only problem is I know I'll fall asleep on the train on the way home. Its not too bad because Swansea will be the last stop, but I really don't want to wake up in some train depo somewhere! Will try to remember to set an alarm. I will have to sleep at some point on Saturday because on Saturday night I'm going out with friends and Sunday I'm going to church before getting a train to my parents house in Manchester. Where I will literally collapse.